North Korea – see any parallels?

I feel as if I’ve woken up in North Korea this morning. All the radio stations are carrying deferential reports of the grandiose military funeral for a former prime minister who divided opinion and never achieved a majority of Scottish votes. We will all have to contribute to the estimated £10m cost of her funeral, which is said to be the most expensive in British history.

This politically ostentatious funeral has been planned by a government that achieved power having failed to achieve an electoral majority, winning only 36 percent of the vote and just one electoral seat in Scotland.

The most expensive funeral in British history takes place at a time of austerity and economic precariousness

The most expensive funeral in British history takes place at a time of austerity and economic precariousness, when the government is making cutbacks to all areas of public life (except to the grant we pay to the Queen, which is being increased by more than £5 million).

It’s not surprising that some commentators believe England could be on the verge of social unrest.

I believe electoral reform is vital. We need politicians who actually represent the voters so that people can engage in the political process again.

Kings by Steely Dan seems an appropriate song to play.

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    Our democracy in the UK is deeply flawed. Under the "first past the post" system, which is used to elect the Westminster House of Commons, the majority of UK voters are not represented in Parliament by the party they voted for.
    This website is not calling for anarchy or revolution, but for a fairer and more democratic parliamentary system.

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