MPs laugh off questions about the Bilderberg Group

This film shows some of the infantile politicians who are meant to represent us, whose salaries we pay, casually laughing off valid, serious questions placed on behalf of ordinary people by Michael Meacher, one of the few politicians who actually tries to work for the electorate instead of a nice comfy future as a highly-paid consultant for a multinational.

Ken Clarke, Minister Without Portfolio, has his smug composure briefly shattered when Tom Watson MP asks him this very interesting question at 16.50 mins in:

“Can the Minister confirm that he declared his trusteeship of the body that funds the Conference to his Permanent Secretary when he was appointed by the Prime Minister?”.

Clarke turns into a gibbering wreck at this point. Needless to say, that bit was edited out of the BBC’s Today in Parliament show, which allocated just under 5 minutes to the issue, from 25 minutes in.

In this film from the protest group We Are Change, people explain their genuine concerns about the secretive Bilderberg Group meetings.

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