Why pro-indy does not mean anti-English

In a speech delivered at the Edinburgh Book Festival, the broadcaster Andrew Marr warned that the independence debate could unleash anti-English feeling.

The Herald newspaper reported him as having said:

“There is a very strong anti-English feeling [in Scotland]. Everybody knows it. There always has been.

“If you go back to the origins of the SNP, the origins of home rule, Anglophobia [sic] was as well-entrenched then as it is now.

“I don’t think it is particularly serious most of the time, but it can become serious; it can become toxic.”

I have no anti-English sentiments

I strongly support independence for Scotland, and I would like it put on record that I am half English and have no anti-English sentiments whatsoever. I love my English friends and relatives.

I have never heard any Anglophobia expressed in connection with the Scottish independence debate. I do not believe, as Marr apparently does, that the treatment of Nigel Farage when he was heckled on a visit to Edinburgh, had anything to do with Anglophobia. I do not know of any other English politicians who have been treated in this manner during a visit to Scotland. Farage’s treatment, whether right or wrong, was a reaction to his political views, not to his Englishness.

The main reason I want independence for Scotland is because the Westminster political system is corrupt and unrepresentative to Scotland.

The government won only one electoral seat in Scotland

Scotland has been ruled by governments that the majority of its population did not vote for for more than 34 of the 68 years since 1945. We are currently ruled by a government that only won one electoral seat in Scotland.

Scotland’s voting system is the Additional Member System, not first past the post. This allows more political change, more voter representation, and smaller political parties can get better representation in parliament. It’s fairer.

The UK political system is dominated by voting representation from the south of England. This is primarily why I want independence for Scotland. It has NOTHING to do with anti-English sentiment!

I don’t want to be part of France. That doesn’t make me anti-French.

The Scottish independence campaign needs to be more robust in countering these “anti-English” claims. We need to be even more vocal about the fact that while we are in many ways different from England we are completely supportive neighbours.

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